Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

Ayma Bukhari


Ayma Bukhari is an undergraduate student with a goal to pursue a career within the field of international development and public policy. From her previously owned e-commerce business, Ayma was able to gain digital design, marketing, and management skills that she further implements into giving back to the community with volunteering! Ayma is excited to be volunteering with Code Youth to expand her skills and build her network. 

Nancy Lam


Nancy Lam is a high school student starting to put her marketing and social media skills to use. From her experience with various social media platforms and assisting in the launch of a small business, Nancy is ready to explore her interest in various areas. In the future, she hopes to become a social media marketer.

Riki McAlear


Riki McAlear is an independent creative high school student passionate about arts and technology. Given a desktop in Grade 3, Riki taught himself how to navigate websites, software and hardware at an early age, giving him an advantage over his peers and age group. This introduction also led Riki to video games, digital media, technology solutions and computer programming. In his tenth grade, Riki found an opportunity to gain experience and build his portfolio through Code Youth.

Naomi Runstedtler


Naomi Runstedtler is a high school student interested in putting her social media skills to use. With 2 years of experience taking social media more seriously by understanding its algorithms and running her own online business, Naomi is eager to help play a role in her community with something she is passionate about. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in social media marketing or digital design. In her free time, she enjoys reading, photographing, working in photoshop, filming short videos, making playlists, and hanging out with friends. 

Kshitij Savi Mavai


Kshitij Savi Mavai is a student at Lisgar Collegiate Institute who is eager to further learning about technology during his post-secondary education and interested in pursuing a career within the technology industry in the future. He enjoys learning about code, volunteering to help put his media designing skills to use and spending time with his friends outside whenever he’s not busy with school.