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Code Youth graduates have invested a significant amount of time and effort into learning the world of technology. They have undergone tech training, SCRUM training, project-based learning experiences, hands-on projects and collaborative projects to enhance their knowledge. Code youth has also taught them the importance of soft skills. Graduates have devoted time into learning communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Lastly, Code Youth familiarizes the participants with the expectations and proper etiquette of the workplace.

Our Training Methodologies

To quality for entry-level coding positions in Ontario’s tech sector

  • Problem-based and led in an AGILE environment to simulate real workplace experience
  • Team Oriented using sprints in Jira and using other workplace tools such as Confluence, Slack, GitHub, CodePen, and Sigma
  • Portfolio Building to develop and showcase coding projects
  • Resources such as general office supplies, laptop loaners, domains
  • Financial support in the form of a paid training allowance

Coaching to build self-awareness and confidence to explore employment opportunities in application development

  • During the training to  provide individualized support
  • Post training support to help them find jobs and build better futures by connecting them to employers

To prepare for the job market, apply and interview for job postings

  • Careers planning, labour market information, employment search strategies
  • Resume Building, Cover letter writing, interview preperation
  • Employability skills including teamwork, communication, and leadership skills
  • One-on-one coaching for individualized support

To understand the tech sector and build confidence

  • Tech professionals mentor participants to provide career support and tech advice
  • Tech and other professionals give workshops on industry topics
  • Employers participate in mock interviews and offer feedback

There are several ways in which organizations can participate in Code Youth's mission in a mutually rewarding way:

Corporate Benefits:

Professional Input

Share your ideas and opinions to influence the skills of your future hires. As the industry grows and evolves, so should training. Code Youth welcomes advice to better understand what is needed for an entry-level coder position to adjust and improve the training program. We adapt to the needs of the industry and include the practical use of industry tools, communication channels, and programming trends.

Diversity and Inclusion

The majority of our graduates are from diverse backgrounds and are eager to learn. and will benefit from the interview experience and your feedback. You can work with us directly to find a youth that would fit well into your organizational culture, an opportunity to interview for entry-level positions.

Give Back to Community

Working with Code Youth offers you an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to, and connection with community. Code Youth builds community by fostering relationships between our corporate sponsors, Code Youth staff and volunteers, and a diverse body of underserved teens and young adults.

Promote Your Brand

Code Youth offers a platform to provide a detailed overview of your company, including which skills and attributes you value in future employees.

Build Connections

Code Youth provides opportunities to build better relationships between organizations and communities for the benefit of youth.

projects From our junior programmers

Don't have the funds?

Code Youth’s goal with a wage subsidy is to provide Code Youth graduates with an opportunity to gain real workplace experience, make them competitive in the labour market and to provide an opportunity for them to shine! Your organization gains a skilled individual, ready to work, with reduced risk to your financial outlay.

Code Youth is able to offer a wage subsidy of up to a maximum of the Ontario minimum which is currently $15.50/hour. The employment period requirement is for a total of 12 weeks for a minimum of 30 hours per week and up to a maximum of 40 hours per week. 

The selection process

Code Youth would discuss your needs in order to select one or more individuals who would be most suited for the task as well as most aligned with your mission. You can interview one or more individuals as you choose.

Once selected, you would provide the indivdual with an employment contract, add them to your payroll, provide them with on boarding, and treat them like any other employee. At the end of 12 weeks, you would invoice Code Youth for the agreement amount. There is no obligation to hire the individual after the 12 week period.

Don't have Room for a grad?

Support Code Youth:

Peer Programming

Participate in Code Youth training sessions as a peer programmer to help our participants develop their app projects. If you have an hour or two to spare per week, you can drop in to help. Your guidance and leadership will help participants understand concepts quickly and gain real experience.

Participate in Events

Participate in Code Youth activities such as mock interviews, app development demos, etc. Your professional perspective will help our young adults gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to interview or demo the apps that they develop.

Deliver Training / Workshops

Code Youth offers opportunities for your staff to train participants. Through leading workshops and teaching participants, your staff will gain valuable insight on what youth today look for in employment.

Mentor a youth

Code Youth offers volunteer opportunities for your staff to provide one-on-one mentoring for our youth. Mentors help guide our youth along their career path and share valuable knowledge and information about the IT sector. This builds confidence in our youth and helps them stay motivated and focussed on their goals.

Donate Refurbished Laptops

Not sure what to do with the laptops you just replaced? Code Youth participants often do not have the means to purchase a laptop. Although Code Youth loans laptop to participants during training, after the training they still need a laptop to continue building their portfolio and for use in job search.

Sponsor Code Youth

Join the Code Youth team by contributing funds. Your sponsorship will change the lives of young adults in need.

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