Engaging Youth Through Coding

Who we are

Code Youth strives to provide free computer programming training to youth aged 17-24, who have either dropped out of high school, or are at-risk of dropping out of high school. We aim to break the cycle of poverty that this vulnerable demographic faces by allowing them to qualify for entry-level positions in the fast-developing Ontario IT sector.

A preliminary environmental scan, completed in 2017, revealed that free coding classes designed specifically for this demographic do not exist in Canada. Although basic on-line coding courses do exist, they cater to primary and high school youth, while more sophisticated coding programs are both lengthy and expensive.

To support Ontario’s undeserved population of at-risk youth, Code Youth’s free coding project will provide them with the tools, skills, and network access necessary to support both themselves and their communities by finding entry level work in the rapidly growing Ontario IT sector.

In Ontario

Youth are in IT
$ 0 +
HS drop out's income
$ 0 +
Jr programmer's income
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Open IT jobs by 2020

Why we do this

Youth dropouts, and those who are at risk of dropping out, do not have many opportunities to climb out of low-paying, temporary and part-time jobs in the service and retail industries. We are offering you:

  • A better quality of life
  • The chance to succeed
  • A great career
Fast Food $14/hr
Retail $14/hr
Junior Programmer $20/hr

The youth unemployment rate in Ontario is presently 12.3%, while Ontario’s high school dropout unemployment rate is 17.5%. According to The Information and Communications Technology Council’s (ICTC) March 2017 report, 182,000 high-paying technology jobs will be available in Canada by 2019. As 76,300 of these jobs will be available in Ontario, young Ontarians will be given an invaluable opportunity to gain steady employment in the IT sector.

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