August 2021 Code Youth featured in the Ottawa Business Journal

The Bright Side of Business: Code Youth receives funding to empower at-risk youth with tech-sector training

In March and April 2020, NEET (not in employment, education or training) rates of young Canadians dramatically increased to extremely high levels. See the chart below for a visual representation of increase rates by percentage.

The Need

An environmental scan of resources for youth in 2017 revealed that Canadian online courses are not easily available, free or adapted to high school leavers. In fact, coding programs can be both lengthy and expensive.

As a result, young adults today do not have access to the training or resources needed to climb out of low-paying, part-time jobs in the food service and retail industries.

Fast Food $15/hr
Retail $15/hr
Junior Programmer $20/hr

The Opportunity

In 2019, an Information and Communications Technology Council report revealed that under a moderate growth scenario, the demand for digitally-skilled talent in Canada will reach more than 305,000 by 2023.

Code Youth aims to prepare youth to fill these positions. 

In Ontario

$ 0 +
Income of Early High School Leaver
$ 0 +
Income of Jr. Coder
0 +
Open IT Jobs by 2020

Who We Help

Code Youth serves young adults ages 17 to 29 who are early leavers of high school or are facing barriers to education or employment.

Steps for success

Code Youth offers a free 10-12 week online training youth coding program designed to give participants both the technical and soft-skills necessary to succeed in the IT sector. To ensure that participants are engaged in both technical and experiential learning, Code Youth is collaborating with IT firms, many of whom have volunteered to teach workshops. Our program offers participants the following:

Code Youth offers youth who face employment barriers:

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