Ontario's Free Coding Program for Young Adults

Empowering At-Risk Youth for Tech Success.

Code Youth is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and supporting at-risk youth ages 17-29 who experience barriers to education and/or employment by giving them a second chance in education, improving their quality of life and building better futures.

Code Youth provides a full-time training program, 30 hours/week over a period of 10 to 12 weeks. Participants learn coding in an Agile environment using industry tools and learn the soft skills needed to find meaningful entry level employment in the IT sector. The program inspires and cultivates confidence in youth to help drive change in their life and work.

Code Youth offers youth who face employment barriers:

Steps for success

To ensure that participants are engaged in both technical and experiential learning, Code Youth collaborates with IT firms and professionals, many of whom have volunteered to teach workshops. Our program offers participants the following:

Individualized training with a focus on the technical skills required by recruiters today

Hands-on coding experience during instruction


Opportunities to network with recruiters and industry professionals


Workshops taught by industry professionals

Guidance in developing personal side-projects and building a programming portfolio

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