Annual Report

Annual Report

Our Progress since 2017!

Code Youth’s team works tirelessly to support Ottawa’s at-risk youth in accessing jobs in technology. Curious about what we’ve been up to since 2017?

Encouraging Youth

Code Youth encouraged and empowered youth to pursue their potential through coding. On our coding resource page, we provided youth with links to free basic online coding training websites. Then on our news page, we shared inspiration with youth by providing them with information, such as today’s technology, statistics about the challenges that youth face today, and encouraging stories of today’s technology leaders.

Social Media Presence

Code Youth engaged with a community of over 800 Twitter followers, and worked hard to maintain their presence through regular posts. In the future, we will continue to grow our social media presence on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to further expand our reach and community.

Corporate & Communications Outreach

Code Youth spoke to a diverse variety of communities; from tech companies to youth-serving agencies. Through attending events such as iTech Ottawa, Code Youth grew its network of supporters and continues to seek out new partnerships and opportunities to support the initiative.

Updated Budget

Code Youth updated our three year budget to ensure financial sustainability.

You can download the annual report here.

Relevant Statistics

These are some of the statistics that shows the importance of helping youth at risk.