What Will I Learn

What Will I Learn?

First, Code Youth’s training program will teach participants the main coding languages required by today’s IT employers. Later on in the program, however, Code Youth will give students the opportunity to branch out and explore specific areas of programming that they are interested in, such as animation, web development, application development, or game design.

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Web developers are responsible for the design, creation, and modification of a website. Web developers must ensure that websites are visually appealing as well as user friendly. Should you be interested in web development, Code Youth’s instruction in languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript will help you get started in building a website of your own​.

HTML img

Hypertext Markup Language is a programming language that is used for creating website content.

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Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language that is used for developing interactive website elements.

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JavaScript is a high level programming language that is used for creating websites.


Mobile app developers are responsible for designing, building, and launching applications. Mobile app developers test apps to ensure that they are both user friendly and functional. If you are interested in mobile app development, Code Youth teaches languages such as Java, Swift, and UX so that students are able to develop applications for a variety of different operating systems.

Swift img

Swift is a multi-paradigm programming language that is used for iOS, macOS, Linux etc.

Java img

Java is a class based, object oriented programming language used for android app development.

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User experience (UX) design is used to enhance user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and desirability of an app.


Game developers are responsible for designing and building games for a variety of different devices. Game developers must test their games to ensure that they are entertaining, user friendly, and free of bugs. If you are interested in game development, Code Youth’s program will introduce you to C#, Unity, and Lua, in addition to helping you create your own game.

Unity img

Unity is a game development platform that allows its users to build 2D or 3D games.

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C# is a multi-paradigm, object orientated programming language. C# is often used in the gaming industry.

Lua img

Lua is a popular scripting language in the web development industry.


Animators work with graphics to create animations for a variety of different projects. While animators in the past had to do much of the animating process by hand, today’s software makes the animation process simpler and faster. If you have a creative flair, Code Youth will introduce you to platforms such as Illustrator, Blender, and After Effect. Throughout the program, students will explore the power of graphics and learn how to create their own 2D and 3D animations.

Blender img

Blender is an open-source software that is used to create various  visual effects and 3D animations.

After effects img

Adobe After Effects is a digital visual effects, motion graphics, and compositing application used during the post-production stage of film and television production.

Illustrator img

Adobe Illustrator is used to create logos, graphics, cartoons, and fonts for the photo-realistic layouts of Adobe Photoshop.