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Corporate SUPPORT

There are several ways in which organizations can participate in Code Youth's mission in a mutually rewarding way:

Professional Input and Advice

Code Youth welcomes input and advice from tech companies and professionals to better understand what is needed for an entry-level coder position. This provides us with the ability to adjust and improve our training program to adapt to the needs of the industry as new tools and programming trends evolve. Share your ideas and opinions to influence the skills of your future hires.

Training / Workshops

Code Youth offers opportunities for your staff to train participants. Through leading workshops and teaching participants, your staff will gain valuable insight on what youth today look for in employment.

Volunteer Mentoring

Code Youth offers volunteer opportunities for your staff to provide one-on-one mentoring for our youth. Mentors help guide our youth along their career path and share valuable knowledge and information about the IT sector. This builds confidence in our youth and helps them stay motivated and focussed on their goals.

Diversity and Inclusion Hiring

Give our graduates, the majority of which are from diverse backgrounds, an opportunity to interview for entry-level positions. Our young graduates are eager to learn and will benefit from the interview experience and your feedback. You can also work with us directly to find a youth that would fit well into your organizational culture.

Donate Laptops

Not sure what to do with the laptops you just replaced? Code Youth participants often do not have the means to purchase a laptop. Although Code Youth loans laptop to participants during training, after the training they still need a laptop to continue building their portfolio and for use in job search.

Sponsor Code Youth

Join the Code Youth team by contributing funds. Your sponsorship will change the lives of young adults in need.

Promote Your Brand

Code Youth offers a platform to provide a detailed overview of your company, including which skills and attributes you value in future employees.

Giving Back to Community

Working with Code Youth offers you an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to, and connection with community. Code Youth builds community by fostering relationships between our corporate sponsors, Code Youth staff and volunteers, and a diverse body of underserved teens and young adults.

Building Connections

Code Youth provides opportunities to build better relationships between organizations and communities for the benefit of youth.

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