Success Stories


These are the testimonials of youth who have completed the
Code Youth training program:

“I found Code Youth at a time when I struggled with employment barriers and wasn’t sure where to go with my career. Before Code Youth I worked in the community service field but only held short contracts as it was always a learning experience. I did not have solid and specific skills that would make me an asset to an organization. I came across Code Youth and decided to try something new. I had previous interest in coding such as HTML, but did not know enough to get into the IT field. Through the boot camp I have acquired valuable skills that help me stand out and feel confident in the coding world. I now feel as if I have the skillset to pursue a job in the IT field and stand out to employers. Along with the coding portion, the employment training has provided me with skills to succeed in interviews and present myself well to employers.” – Iqbal 24

“I heard about this program through a friend of mine. Once I got in I was very excited to learn to code. I think coding is a skill everyone should have. The training helped give me the skills to learn the basics in coding. The vocational training gave me the confidence to apply for jobs and brush up on my interview skills. I’m glad to say I got a job in the field at the end. I would recommend this program to everyone. Not only because of the learning aspect but also the networking aspects that you get from the program.” – Mohamed 25

“My experience with Code Youth has been nothing but beneficial for me. It exposed me to a wealth of skills and resources. I was able to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap while also applying them to real world projects. They also brought in people who are in the industry to share their experience and knowledge while giving us the opportunity to network with them as well. Not to mention that they would assist in improving your employability by practicing job interviews and making a proper resume and cover letter. I believe that if you have an interest in the IT industry but don’t know how to get your foot in the door, Code Youth is an excellent way to begin your path.” – Ali 22