Success Stories

Examples of Success Stories in technology

These are the success stories of young people who found incredible career paths despite their lack of formal education.

Tobias Lütke, Co-Founder of Shopify

Tobias Lütke is one of the founders of Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Canada with its 2018 revenue exceeding $1.073 billion. Lütke is now one of Canada’s most notable tech CEOs, even though he dropped out of high school after grade 10, opting to enter an apprenticeship program at the Koblenzer Carl-Benz-School rather than graduating high school. When he attempted to launch an online snowboard shop with his partners in 2004, he realized that he wasn’t satisfied with any of the existing e-commerce platforms. Along with his partners, Lütke created Shopify, officially launching the new platform in 2006. Since then, Lütke has been named CEO of the year, and Shopify has grown to service over 800,000 businesses worldwide.

Derek Wall, Founder of HUBX

Derek Wall is the founder and CEO of HUBX, a platform that connects B2B buyers and sellers across the world, allowing them to communicate anonymously. Wall dropped out of high school in his senior year, prompted partly by his struggles with dyslexia. After moving out of his parents home at 19, he founded Ezekiel clothing, which he later sold to begin a new business venture. Wall co-founded 4 more companies before starting HUBX, and now works to mentor other start-up founders. Wall’s company is now worth over $200 million dollars.

Ben Pasternak, Game and App Developer

Australian born Ben Pasternak is the young programmer behind apps and games like Impossible Rush, Impossible Dial, Flogg, and Monkey. Despite his parents’ pleas, Pasternak dropped out of high school after grade 10. In 2016, Times Magazine named him one of the worlds most influential teens. He now lives in New York City, where he runs his business out of his living room with help from his one employee, Mark Lansberger.