Our Team

Ana Baquero

Ana Baquero

Corporate Liaison

Ana Baquero is a corporate liaison at Code Youth, currently in her third year of political science at Carleton University.

She decided to work at Code youth Canada as it will give her a chance to help influence the lives of young people just like her, that may not have had the same opportunities and/or privileges that she has had. As well as the opportunity to help build up Code Youth from a start-up to a running initiative.

Engaging what she learned in school from a theoretical to a more practical perspective that may contribute positively to her community.
Throughout her academic career she has learned about the work of non-profits and NGO’s through the influence they create locally, nationally and internationally, and thus is happy to contribute to one to the best of her abilities.

Karina  Dmitrieva

Karina Dmitrieva

Web Content Creator

Karina  Dmitrieva is  a  web content  creator  at  Code  Youth,  currently  in  her  fourth  year  of  computer  science  at  Carleton  University.

Throughout  her  academic  career  she  was  able  to  strengthen her  technical skills and analytical  skills.

By  getting  an  opportunity  to  work  for  Code  Youth, she is hoping to strengthen her writing and coding skills.She believes that by combining her creativity and the skills that she earned through her academic career will help  her to make a positive impact on youth at risk.

Hadi Tehfe

Hadi Tehfe

Government Liaison

Hadi Tehfe is a government Liaison for Code Youth Canada. As a second-year student of the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University, he was given the opportunity to explore his interests beyond health.

During his first year he joined The Muse, a health and humanitarian magazine, as a writer. Moreover, he pursued Hackathons within the Ontario region, and worked on several coding projects.

As a result, he discovered a passion for coding and writing. With summer just on the horizon, he wanted to pursue a summer activity that is rewarding and would have a positive impact on at-risk youth. When he heard of Code Youth, he decided that it was the perfect place to amalgamate both his love for coding and writing. Throughout his time here, he hopes to strengthen not only his writing skills, but gain valuable coding experience that will serve useful in the future.


Startup team (2017)

Mei Li

Mei Li

Business Development Manager

Mei Lei is in her final year at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management studying Finance and Accounting.

With a history in volunteering and social enterprises, she also has a passion for developing and supporting her community.

She hopes to combine her strengths in analytics and love of altruism to grow and advance Code Youth!

Keylan Musto

Keylan Musto

Training Development Manager

Keylan is in the midst of attaining his Masters in Counselling Psychology at the University of Ottawa.

He has over three years of experience in the field of brain-injury rehabilitation, where he delivered cognitive, physical and functional programs that facilitated each client’s return-to-work goals.
Originally from Kamloops, British Columbia, Keylan is passionate about working with people and enriching their lives and considers Code Youth to be a great way to contribute to his new community.
His strengths in research and program development are sure to aid in the making of a quality and engaging coding program.


Maxime Lê

Maxime Lê

IT Architect

Maxime received a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from  University of Ottawa and he has over four years of experience working in the non-profit sector as well as with community organisations. He is passionate about his community and the people he works with.

He often facilitates workshops focused on personal and professional development and is a freelance contractor in web and graphic design. He likes to take on multiple projects at a time, and runs three other websites.

Currently, he is a research assistant at University of Ottawa. Maxime is excited to explore how Code Youth can help more people obtain jobs. Check out his YouTube channel for some employment tips!