Are you looking for a job?

Employment Ontario center could help you find one! Check out the programs below!

Youth Job Link:

Do you want to learn about team work, safety and labor rules?

Get help with resumes and practice your interview skills?

Find a perfect employer?

*Also provides matching services

Then, visit Youth Job Link for more details!

Youth Job Connection:

Do you have trouble finding a job? Youth Job Connection provides intense support to those who need it!

At Job Connection you can find:

  • Paid pre-employment training
  • Mentor-ship services
  • Paid Job Placements

You can find more information here!

 Starter Company Plus:

Interested in staring your own business? Started Company Plus could help you with that!

  • Get help with business plan
  • Participate in Workshops
  • Get some business Tips
  • Get guidance with budgeting
  • + You can also try applying for $5000 grant!

Learn more about Starter Company plus here!

Ontario Disability Support Program Employment Supports:

Are you looking for a job? Or interested in starting your own business? Ontario Disability Support Program may help!

For those who wish to find a job:

Find a job that is right for you

Provide you with on-site training and computer training

Provide you with transportation assistance

For those who wants to become an entrepreneur, the center offers 

  • help with  business plan
  • financial help( tools& licenses)
  • mentoring

Interested in either service? You can get more information here!

Youth Employment Help Center Y.E.H.C

Drop in employment help is offered for youth at risk at the main branch of Ottawa`s public library. Y.E.H.C offers variety of free services for youth at risk such as: setting up bank/ email account, conducting mock interviews and editing resumes and cover letters, providing free clothing and haircuts, etc. You can find more information about Y.E.H.C and its services here.