Youth Support in Ottawa

Free Services

Food Banks

Are you in hunger? Don’t be!

Food banks provide food to those who are in need. Ottawa food bank has multiple locations around Ottawa. Just bring a piece of ID and proof of the address!

Click here to find the closest food bank!

Health problems? Housing Issues? Depression? Addiction? Employment issues?

The Youth Services Bureau is here to help! YSB offers free services to those who are in need. Visit this website for more details or call:

Youth Services Bureau: 613-729-1000 
24/7 Crisis Line: 613-260-2360

YSB chat line can be found at The chat line is available from Thursday-Sunday from 16:00 till 22:00

Suffer from suicidal thoughts? Do not know where to turn?  Can not find the meaning of life?

Call Child Youth and Family Crisis Line at 613-260-2360, or 1-877-377-7775 (outside Ottawa)

You can visit this website for more information.

Need counselling? Legal issues? Require education?

Youth Support Services(YouTurn) provides counselling and treatment services for youth at risk or in conflict with the law.

YouTurn offers “Youth In Transition Worker Program”. It helps youth during their transition from child welfare into adulthood. The program provides support to youth who require help with housing, education, employment, etc.

The drop in services are available every Monday and Wednesday 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM. Check out their site for more information.

Employment Centers for Youth

Employment Centers for Youth provide a number of different service such as:

  • One-on-one counselling
  • Full time / Part time employment opportunities
  • Resume and cover-letter writing
  • Computer workshops

The are a couple of employment centers in Ottawa. Check out the locations below:

Youth Zone Jeunesse
370 Catherine Street, 1st Floor, East Side Entrance
Tel. 613-580-9663

Youth Employment Services Centretown and East
71 Bank Street, 5th Floor
Tel: 613-236-8244

Community Employment Resource Centre
415 Hazeldean Road
Tel: 613-828-2123

Center for Interactive Mental Health Solutions

The Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions offers a new way of dealing with depression. Everything is done online, and it uses an interactive tool to help you go through each section. There are eight sections in total to help you deal with your mood without the need to seek out counselling services.

Start improving your mental health now. Click here to proceed.

Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Center

Pinecrest Quensway Community Health Center offers a variety of different youth  services in the fields of education, healthcare, leadership and employment. Click on this link and learn more about their services.

Western Ottawa Community Resource Center

Western Ottawa Community Resource Center offers a variety of services for youth and children.

  • Short-Term Counselling, Crisis Walk-in and Phone Support
  • Queerios LGBTQ+*
  • ZONE Youth drop-in

Queerios LGBTQ+* offers a safe space to meet new people. You can learn more about Queerios LGBTQ+* here.

The ZONE Youth drop-in offers youth a safe space to make new friends, get help with homework, craft game and get a free dinner! Click here to learn more.

Low Cost Services


EquiPass provides reduced transit fares for individuals with a low-income.  The cost of the adult EquiPass is a half of a regular Adult Pass ($58.25). The single ride fare for eligible individuals is $1.75.  You can check eligibility information here.

Ottawa Psychological Health Center

The Ottawa Psychological Health Center offers counselling services. It isn’t a free service, but they do offer rates much lower than the average outlined by the Ontario Psychological Association. A lot of counselling programs aimed at youth require a waiting list, but the waiting time is far less than what public organizations offer.

  • Youth programs dealing with mental health
  • Offer family counselling
  • Different child and youth programs to fit individual needs and budgets
  • Privacy matters

For more information on the Ottawa Psychological Health Centre, or how to contact them, visit this website.