Robot Missions – Cleaning Our Environment

Erin Kennedy, founder of Robot Missions with her Bowie robots.
Erin Kennedy, founder of Robot Missions with her Bowie robots.
Erin with two Bowie robots at Sunnyside Beach, Toronto, Canada. July 2017. Credit: David Kavanagh, licensed under CC-BY 4.0

Robot Missions - Cleaning Our Environment

Robot Missions is about empowering people to participate on shoreline cleanup with the help of robots. Erin Kennedy is the founder of Robot Missions, and she has developed a robot, that is the size of a small dog, to tackle on this issue. The robot is assembled from 3D printed pieces. It picks up trash on the beach and deposits it into a container. Once full, the container is tilted out.

The robot focuses on tiny pieces of trash, such as fragments of plastics, styrofoam and cigarette butts. This is because manual cleanup focuses more on larger sized trash, while smaller sized trash can be time consuming to search for. Eventually, this debris accumulates and pose an ecological threat. Erin aims to have at least one robot per park in Ontario by 2030 to make it more efficient to clean up the debris.

The great thing about this robot is that it is low-cost and lightweight. The capabilities of the robot can be easily extended to accommodate an industry’s needs, and broken pieces are easily repairable. It’s an automation tool that is quite clever!

Erin isn’t the only entrepreneur that is able to think outside the box and create a change in our environment. If you put your mind to it, you can also create something awesome through coding!

You can read more about Robot Missions on their site.