Code Youth will soon be calling on the community for the first ever Coding Cohort!

To make sure you’re the right fit, take a look at the eligibility criteria:

The participant must…

  • Be between 17-24 years old
  • Have dropped out of school or is at-risk of dropping out
  • Be eligible to work in Canada
  • Have an interest in coding and programming – or have an interest in learning
  • Want to gain valuable connections in the tech sector

Register now and be contacted when the course becomes available. You have no obligation, but you will be among the first to be considered for the coding cohort. 

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Code Academy (Perfect for students with no coding experience)Take me to the website 

Code Academy has a very interactive interface. It provides a user with clear step by step instructions and allows him/her to play with the code. If a user faces difficulties while performing the task, the Code Academy helps him to resolve them. As the user progresses through the course, the previously learned material is being constantly reviewed. By the time one finishes the course, he/she would have a basic understanding of a programming language. 


Interested in Web Development? (Perfect for students with some coding experience)Take me to the website 

W3Schools is a web development website that contains lot of useful resources for those who want to learn how to build web pages. W3Schools follows a chronological order (lesson by lesson), but it also allows a user to select specific topics that he/she wants to learn/review. In order to enhance learning, w3schools offer plenty of different exercises and quizzes. W3schools is perfect for those who have some background in coding.


MIT Open Courseware (Perfect for individuals with no coding experience)Take me to the website  

MIT takes on a lecture based format to do their online teaching. Videos taken of instructors in class provide students with the opportunity to learn by listening to an expert, as opposed to making students go to reading. The lectures are very interactive which in turn help students to participate and engage in a learning process. MIT offers variety of different learning resources which include: lectures, notes, and homework and practice exams.


EDX Open Courseware(Perfect for individuals with no coding experience) Take me to the website

EDX is an open courseware that provides annotated virtual lectures (not the actual recordings) to students. EDX includes many real world examples in order to ease concept of programming. In addition, it allows different students to interact with one another via commenting section. Communication among students helps to create a sense of community.


Code Wars (Perfect for individuals with no or little coding experience)Take me to the website

Code Wars: Code wars has a quite different learning style.  Code wars is more like a game, where the user completes different challenges and earns budges, tittles and enters new ranks. Ia user experiences difficulty while completing the task, he could communicate with the other players, check the forums for similar questions or reveal the answer. 


Free code camp( perfect for individuals with no or little coding experience)Take me to the website

Free code camp: is an application that teaches students web development. The application starts off with simple HTML, Java Script and CSS tutorials and then it slowly progresses into projects that the students should complete alone or with the other users.  Upon the successful completion of the course, a user will have an opportunity to work for non-profit organization.

You can access additional resources Here

WordPress: Do you want to create a personal website? Create it with WordPress!
You do not need to be a professional web-developer to create a website. WordPress provides you with a lot of awesome plugins that can help you to create an interactive website.In addition, you can get some help with WordPress online!  Click here and learn more about WordPress!

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