Coding Resources

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Coding Resources

Code Youth is currently hard at work preparing our first free coding program in Ottawa for high school dropouts.

In the meantime, feel free to get a head-start by browsing the following free coding teaching resources. Filter for resources based on your interests.

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HTML? JavaScript? CSS? With so many computer languages and endless possibilities on how they can be used, it’s no wonder why lots of beginning programmers get overwhelmed. If you are looking for an easy introduction to the world of programming, Codecademy is the place to start.

Do you want to learn how to draw or animate? Make webpages? Design a game? If you answered yes to any of the above and want a more structured learning environment Khan Academy has got you covered. This lecture-based platform offers a variety of courses for beginning coding students interested in drawing & animation, making webpages, designing games and managing databases.

Are you looking to create the next big social media platform? Want to design a cool looking website for a personal project? Mozilla Developer Network provides a multitude of tutorials accumulated by other web developers to help future web developers such as yourself in web technologies.

Want a more hands-on experience learning how to code? Want to get certified in web design? JavaScript? All of the above and more? Then freeCodeCamp is the place for you. With built in projects for throughout the completion of a certification, freeCodeCamp offers students the chance to learn through coding projects and offers the chance to work on real coding projects for non-profit organizations after finishing of a project.

What is General Assembly Dash? If you are into creating your very own website, find out more by watching the video

For all your web development and Ruby programming needs, this website has got you covered. Focusing specifically on web development with specific courses taught in Ruby, the Odin Project has you covered.

New to programming and not sure which language you should try to get started? Well, why not take a shot at all of them with SoloLearn? SoloLearn has a wide selection of free courses which you can complete from the comfort of your own browser.

Do you have some experience in coding but want to learn more about a specific coding language used in web development? Then W3Schools is the perfect fit for you with structured lesson plans and a  plentitude of exercises sure to boost any beginner programmer’s skill level in no time.

Is your passion web design? Do you want to up your web development skills in a creative environment? If you answered yes to any of the above, MarkSheet is the place for you.

Though coding can be challenging, we agree that it should be fun. CodeWars does too. This platform gamifies the entire learning experience so have fun learning backend development, app or game development by playing.

Want to develop a website or blog? Then HubSpot CMS Developer Discovery Kit is the platform for you. Learn through quick 15 minute module activities and collaborate with CMS (content management system) developers from around the world.

Want instruction from one of the world’s leading institutions? Well then look no further than Harvard University’s free computer science instruction platform. Learn how to code in Java, Python and more.

Do you want to get started in coding but feeling a little lost? Well then look no further. Code Conquest is a course specifically geared towards beginners where you will cover a range of courses in various languages; from JavaScript for front-end development to Python for back-end development.

Always wanted to animate your own cartoon? Well it’s never been easier to learn than with Animaker. With lots of built in templates and easy to use tools, this platform gives a beginner a great start into animation.

Want to learn the basics of creating a website? Then Lighthouse Labs is the platform for you. Learn through quick lessons and in the end, you’ll be able to make your own web page.