Code Youth’s Board of Directors

Code Youth's Board of Directors

Code Youth's Board of Directors; Mona

Mona Forrest


Mona Forrest, CAE, has been an Executive Director and Board Member in the not for profit field for more than 25 years, and has contributed as an association manager in a variety of fields, including social services, vocational, international development, health and arts and culture. Her greatest enthusiasms while working in the sector have been fundraising for difficult causes, advocacy without breaking too many rules, fixing problems and communications, startups, social media for non-profits, and technology for people.
She is the founder of Centre des femmes de Montréal, one of Canada’s longest-standing Women’s Centres, Passages, a shelter and program for young women in difficulty, and co-founder of Auberge Madeleine, one of Canada’s first housing resource for homeless women over 18. Mona has been recognized with awards from United Way, the Montreal Citizenship Council, the Women Who Make a Difference Award and the federal government Citation for Citizenship

Code Youth's Board of Directors; Giselle

Giselle Leduc


Giselle has more than 30 years’ management experience in the not-for-profit sector within several different industries and fields. Her most rewarding and recent work has been within the education sector helping students from all walks of life. Several years of experience as a teacher, coop placement officer, and program manager, has helped the many students that she has met to find their passion and achieve their goals.

Giselle is currently the Executive Director of English Language Tutoring for the Ottawa Community, an organization that provides individualized and accessible home-based English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring to newcomers who cannot attend classes. She is confident that Code Youth will help many of our most vulnerable youth gain access to life-changing choices.

Code Youth's Board of Directors; Amin

Amin Abdu


Amin Abdu is a senior corporate accountant with over ten years of experience in financial accounting. As a skilled planner and problem-solver, Amin has dedicated his career to helping businesses meet their financial objectives. Amin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration focused in Accounting from Sikkim Manipal University.

Code Youth's Board of Directors; Alex

Alex Katayama


Alex  Katayama,  the  Technical  Director  of  Code  Youth’s  Board  of  Directors,  is  an  IT  “jack  of  all  trades” with  experience  in  e-commerce  development,  UI/UX  theory,  Windows  and  Linux  server  administration,  networking,  and  general  troubleshooting  and  technical  understanding  across  virtually  every  facet  of  IT.    Although  Alex  pursued  a  degree  in  political  sciences,  he  believes  that  with  the  proper  development  of  IT  skills,  any  individual  can  secure  a  position  in  the  IT  sector.

In  the  IT  sector,  Alex  is  the  IT  Project  Manager  at  EnvisionUP,  where  he  deals  with  professional  headaches  of  a  technical  nature.  Alex also  freelances  as  a  Technical  Consultant,  where  he  has  gained  10  years  of  proficient  experience  in many  different  facets  of  technology.  His  previous  work  includes  being  the  Manger  of  Client  Services,  Training  and  Quality  Control  at  Envision  Online  Media  inc.,  where  he  participated  in  many  versatile  roles. Due  to  Alex’s  background,  he  believes  that  Code  Youth  will  truly  allow  at-risk  youth  to  enter  employment  positions  in  the  IT  sector.

Code Youth's Board of Directors; Fareha

Fareha Muhammady


Fareha Muhammady trained as a Senior Auditor at MNP, a national accounting firm, receiving her CPA, CA designation in 2018. She holds experience volunteering at an environmental not-for-profit organization. Fareha graduated from Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business in 2016. Fareha holds 5 years of experience auditing private and public companies and not-for-profit organizations. She looks forward to employing her skills to enable youth to reach their full potential.